Hello Wildflowers!

Welcome to the magical, sacred, mysterious (and sometimes secret) world of flowers. The Bloomin’ Witch is here to guide you down your own wildflower sprinkled path. Let us enrapture you with events that are curated to unveil the language of your heart, with meditations to call your sweetness into being, botanical oracle and tarot card readings to awaken your hidden dreams, and of course, an enchanting boutique to purchase beautifully handcrafted gifts that will pamper body and soul, inside and out.


A flare of whimsy and a gathering of laughs goes a long way, but don’t be fooled, this is earth medicine.
It will ask you to dig deep.
It will require you to show up in authenticity.
It will break you open….flower petals spilling from your heart.

Kissable Lips

Calendula infused sweet almond oil lip balm in kissable flavors to leave your lips smooth, soft, and moisturized! Vegan option coming soon.

Dreamy Roll-Ons

Floral, earthy, or fruity? Our beautifully crafted perfume oils will leave you dreaming of exotic lands and dancing under the moon. Coming soon.

Enchant Your Mat

Thyme infused witch hazel, essential oils, and crystals to charge it with an extra boost, this divine yoga mat spray will enchant your practice!

Bath Potions

Essential oils, Epsom salts, and herbs, oh my! New and Full moon bath rituals to soothe your soul and help you manifest your desires.

Why Choose Our Products?

Each one of our products at The Bloomin’ Witch is handcrafted with love, care, and of course, a bit of magic. We believe in the use of all-natural ingredients, which means no chemicals! One of the best ways to keep us connected to the earth is to use her materials as they grow, naturally. Our body products are made with herbal infusions that soak up the energy and properties of the plant medicine for a week or more, in order for them to carry the utmost potency. It’s our goal to always make sure you feel happy about what you put on your body, so quality is a top priority! Our botanical products are sure to delight your senses and infuse your body and soul with joy.



I recently ordered the Yoga Mat Cleanser & Aromatherapy Spray in Classic Blend and it is such a treat! I initially just purchased it for my yoga mat but I actually look forward to starting my day with a few mists of the spray. It is absolutely divine - infact my 8 year old daughter tried it and insists I spray it every night before bedtime. Can’t wait to try out the other product offerings from The Bloomin’ Witch!

Piyanka F.

Phoenix. AZ

The love and kindness Rachael brings to her practice is unwavering and beautiful. Her sweet, and kind nature is unassuming and full of gratitude and love. She allowed us to take our time in making beautiful flower magic bottles, brought our hearts to center with meditation and took us through a wonderful and fun flow yoga.

Ann P.

Tempe, AZ

I absolutely adore the human being that Rachael is and am thrilled that she is growing her business! Last night was the most magical experience as I got to attend The Bloomin' Witch monthly Full Moon Flowers & Flow event. Everything was perfect from the cozy space where we set our intentions (creating intention bottles with flowers and crystals that represented all that we wanted to manifest), the serene guided meditation that followed, and then an incredible and energetic full moon flow yoga practice in the cool night air under the beauty of the moon. Anyone looking to unleash your inner Wildflower should definitely get in on this incredible experience!

Susan C.

Phoenix, AZ

The Bloomin' Witch offers so much! Everything Rachael does, you can feel the thought, love, and compassion she puts into everything she provides. Yoga classes, flower crowns, lip balms, and so much more. Take a class, you won't be disappointed! I love The Bloomin' Witch!

Nichole H.

Phoenix, AZ

I ordered some lime lip gloss recently from this lovely lady and I am LOVING it!

Megan S.

Virginia Beach, VA

Just purchased some Amazing eucalyptus lip balm from you! It’s really a good size & packaged nicely. The balm feels great on natural lips with a light shimmer to feel pretty. Works great to moisturize lips & can be applied on top of lipstick if you want more color. It’s a wonderful gift for a very reasonable price! Thank you for putting your heart & love in making such an Awesome product that’s great for the lips!!!

Sharon P.

Sun City West, AZ

Of course all yoga instructors are great, but Rachael is AMAZING! I have been attending classes guided by Rachael for about 4 years now, and she never fails to give a great class. Besides offering a challenging and satisfying workout, she always makes the classes seem sacrred, as she guides us with her special wisdom. I am always especially grateful when I get to attend on of her themed classes, like Full Moon or Chakra yoga. Rachael is very gifted and passes many gifts onto her students with each class! Plus her music is always the BEST!

Betty N.

Phoenix, AZ

I ordered some bath bombs and lots of lip gloss. I love both! My first time using a bath bomb and it was awesome. Skin is soft and bath smelled great. I wear lip balm or gloss every night before bed and this is perfect. Don’t let the “shimmer” deter you if you don’t like shimmer. It’s so very subtle. I’m definitely buying again and can’t wait to see new products. Buy local and support your community!

Jenny D.

Peoria, AZ

I recently received my lip balm. I absolutely love it and will definitely be buying some more. It’s very refreshing and it keeps my lips moist with out a greasy feeling. Highly recommended.

Danielle A.

Windemere, FL

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