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What Makes My Garden Grow?

My intuition leads me to believe that when the Universe was conjuring up the recipe to make me, me, a tiny little seedling to the woman you see before you today, the ingredients used were quite an eclectic blending of sorts; a dash of yogi, a pinch of witch, a touch of sparkle, a hint of wild, a scoop of flowers, and a whole lotta heart. Flowers have spoken to my soul for as long as I can remember. I’m literally the gal who will stop to smell the roses and everything else in bloom!

I spent years as a floral designer. In some ways, it seems natural that I return to my roots (pun intended). And when I think about it, I realize that this vision has been a long time in the making. Had I ventured as an entrepreneur into the business of flowers many moons ago, it wouldn’t have been quite the right fit. I needed to dabble here and there; in a bit of this and a bit of that. I needed to grow. I needed to find my own magic, so that I could infuse that sacred energy into my relationship within the secret world of flowers.

In addition to being a flower lover, I have been a yoga teacher since 2004. I believe that through the practice of mindfulness, movement, breath, and time in nature, it’s possible to open your eyes to the magic and wonder of the Universe. I’ve spent years supporting and guiding students in learning how to integrate and embody their practice, off the mat, so that they may more fully and unapologetically shine their light from the inside, out. There is such importance to showing up authentically, consciously, inclusively, and lovingly. I understand the value of BEING the living example, beyond the mat, in order to help bring change to the world.


“Green Witch, Yoga Teacher, Moon Gazer,

Flower Sniffer, & Love Whisperer”

Flower Witch
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The Bloomin' Witch

You may find yourself wondering, The bloomin’ what? Sure, it’s unconventional, but so am I! The word witch (from the old english wicce) can seem intimidating or off-putting to some. But did you know that it simply translates to “wise woman”? A witch is simply someone who acknowledges, connects to, integrates, and embodies the magic of the world around her. A green witch in particular chooses to live in harmony with the energy of nature. She sees and understands the sacred in each moment. Take the time to not just look around, but close your eyes and FEEL. Sense the cool air on your skin, dig in the dirt with your hands, go for a hike among wildflowers, camp under the stars, dance in the rain, wake up with the early glow of the sun, or swim in the ocean. You may begin to notice that our world is full magic! Flowers just happen to be my favorite expression.