The Language of Flowers

Meanings and messages have been attributed to flowers for thousands of years. The interest in floriography (language of flowers) soared during the Victorian era when posies and bouquets were sent to a recipient with a coded message within the flowers chosen. Some form of this practice has been implemented throughout cultures in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Flowers can speak to us through their messages, inspire us with their beauty, and serve as reminders to take a deeper look at our relationship with the natural world around us, as well as ourselves, in order to help us bloom into our fullest potential.


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Herbs, flowers, and trees have magical meanings and uses, as well as more traditional ones. For instance, we all know roses are often given to a person we share a romantic connection with, but did you know that the meaning can change according to the color? Red roses of course represent love, but may also be used as an aphrodisiac or utilized to enhance one’s own inner beauty. Yellow, however, symbolizes enthusiasm and friendship, serving to remind us to tend our relationships. A flower like chamomile is known to induce a state of peace and relaxation, but its magical application could be used to help banish, purify, and protect your home! Bridal wreaths used to be entwined with fresh rosemary to promote love, and can also be planted by the front door for luck. The nasturtium flowers helps us to activate spontaneity and the spice of life, which compliments its magical essence beautifully by supporting our physical energy with the boost we need to arouse and awaken. The intoxicating scent of gardenia encourages us to have a shift in perspective from a place of love and peace, and also link us energetically to the moon. So as you can see, the plant world is full of magic and meaning!

field of flowers


Unique. Stand out from the crowd.

Happy Hippie


Passion. Let your creativity flow.

purple floral


Flexibility. Able to adapt to changes.

bouquet girl


Gratitude. Let us be full of thanks.



Happiness. Follow the joy of life.

flower girl


Innocence. Remain childlike.

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