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Silk Floral

The Woman, The Rose

You are like the rose. The portal to your deep feminine, blushing pink and petal soft.

The way you unfold and reveal yourself. Blooming gently into your most sacred and divine expression.

Feeling the rise of your sensual nature. Bursting into fullness. One layer at a time. Alive. Open.

The way you expand and contract, breathe…

Your scent, pungent and sweet. It awakens something within.

Your beauty calls forth lovers. Lovers that will drink your juicy nectar, leaving them in a gentle haze, and longing for more.

When left to the wild, you roam across the lands, completely free. Untamed. Your vines (arms) stretching towards the sun.

And like the rose, you too, have thorns. Prepared to prick when the need to guard yourself is near.

But alas, let us not focus on our sharpness. Rather, let us bask lazily in the warmth of light. Let us flourish as we grow and revel in our magic. Let us enchant. Let us drip and ooze, ripe with pleasure, as though the rains have released their tears.

Beautiful woman, embrace your unique print on this world. Press yourself into the pages of your own story. Allow your glorious scent to linger in the gardens of your life.

And most of all, BLOOM.

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